Thursday, May 2, 2019


artist: THE NUNS (San Francisco, California, USA)
venue: Mabuhay Gardens
location: San Francisco, California, USA
date: 19 December 1987
length: 47 minutes

No question that the late 1980s were ten years remived from the most important era for THE NUNS, but save the ill advised "Gimme Danger" cover, this set is still shit hot. Even though it was recorded a year after the release of Rumania, it seems obvious that the band new what their fans wanted. Also - Alejandro Escovedo was a founding member of THE NUNS, which attaches their legacy to SANTANA, RANK & FILE, SHIELA E., THE ZEROS and who the fukk knows how many others. 


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  2. I've actually got this show but it's dated 19th December 1982. The Mabuhay closed it's doors in 1987, so it's possible this was a tribute show to the club where it all started for The Nuns. Going by the setlist [My Religion, Iron Claw Of Fate etc], i'll be changing my date to 1987.