Thursday, August 30, 2018


artist: NARCOTICA (??)
venue: Mission Records
location: San Francisco, California, USA
date: ?? May 2001
length: 19 minutes

I swear this band existed in every medium-to-large sized North American city in the '00s, but I also swear that NARCOTICA, based on this recording, was better than most of them. 

Friday, August 10, 2018


artist: ARTIMUS PYLE (San Francisco, California, USA)
venue: Radio Free Records
location: San Jose, California, USA
date: 22 August 1999
length: 17 minutes

The bass sounds like total shit, and my vocals sound like I was a fukkn child (I was 26), but we were kinda on fire this night - especially Scottzy - and the fifth track is my four favorite pre-Jensen ARTIMUS PYLE songs all stacked on top of each other (though "A Man" was a FUCKFACE song that ARTIMUS PYLE rarely played live).