Monday, December 3, 2012


artist: ARTIMUS PYLE (San Francisco, California, USA)
venue: Mission Records
location: San Francisco, California, USA
date: 25 August 2001
length: 18 minutes


  1. Haha I was about to be all "your old band, not the drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd, right?" And then I remembered the time I bought your first 7 inch at a record store and while I was out front of the store afterwards showing my friends what I'd bought, I ended up getting in a five minute conversation with an old redneck dude who'd seen Artimus Pyle's solo band at some festival in the early 80s and couldn't comprehend that this was a totally different band. It didn't help that you guys put the drummer Artimus Pyle's picture on the cover of that record...

  2. Crap! The download expired. Can you reload it please?