Tuesday, November 29, 2022


artist: LAST CRY (Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA)
venue: West Catty Playground
location: Catasaque, Pennsylvania, USA
date: 12 April 1986
length: 29 minutes

Audience recording, complete with a couple of dudes trying to talk over the band (and partially succeeding) during "Holy Shit." More background on LAST CRY and links to the demo are still active at Freedom Has No Bounds, also a different rip from this source cassette and the Caddyshack set from January 1986. 

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Last Cry were my favorite Lehigh Valley band and it's a shame they didn't stay around long enough to make a record. That demo they recorded was not widely circulated at the time and I never even heard it until the FOE label released it on CDR in the 1990s. All I had to listen to for years after was the two live tapes. There were always jokers who would make noise on your tapes when trying to record a show, for the fun of it.