Thursday, August 26, 2021


artist: B-MOVIE (Mansfield, ENGLAND)
venue: ??
location: Nottingham, ENGLAND
date: ??
length: 30 minutes

All I've got is "Nottingham," because that's all that's on the tape. But these appear to be at least board recordings, if not a BBC-styled studio session. The keyboard is so damn high in the mix. 

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  1. Rock City is the venue and the date is February 21, 1981. The track list is:

    01. Moles + Escalator
    02. Welcome To The Shrink
    03. The Devil In Me
    04. Nowhere Girl
    05. The Fool
    06. Time Out

    Unfortunately, your recording of this show is missing the first song Polar Opposites and the last two Remembrance Day and All Fall Down.