Tuesday, March 2, 2021


artist: DEPARTMENT S (London, ENGLAND)
venue: ?? // BBC
location: ?? / London, ENGLAND
date: 1980 // 1982
length: 32 minutes

Six songs recorded live in 1980 and a four song Peel Session from 1982. Both recordings start with "Is Vic There?" - the live version is fast as hell and the Peel Session is drowning in synths, both renditions are great, and are complete departures from the track released as the band's first single. 

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  1. Here's the info for these:

    BBC In Concert 12-19-81
    01. Is Vic There
    02. Going Left Right
    03. I Want
    04. Clap Now
    05. Tell Me About It
    06. Somewhere Between Heaven And Tesco's

    Five songs from this BBC In Concert were officially released on the Sub-Stance CD in 2002.

    John Peel Session
    Recorded - 19/11/1980
    Broadcast - 03/12/1980
    Producer - Bob Sargeant
    Engineer - Nick Gomm
    Studio - Langham 1

    01. Is Vic There?
    02. Age Concern
    03. Ode To Cologne (The Stench Of War)
    04. Clap Now

    Vaughan Toulouse (Lead Vocals)
    Michael Herbage (Guitar)
    Tony Lordan (Bass)
    Eddie Roxie (Synthesiser)
    Stuart Mizon (Drums)