Sunday, February 21, 2021


artist: POLICE (London, ENGLAND)
venue: Mont de Marsan Punk Festival
location: Mont de Marsan, FRANCE
date: 05 August 1977
length: 32 minutes

This set has been bootlegged on vinyl more than a few times. Track listing on the boots is different ("Fall Out" appears twice on most of the wax version) and the first cut here is listed as "Next To You" but that's incorrect. Really, the only reasons to listen to this set are the ripping version of "Fall Out" and the absolutely screaming rendition of "Nothing Achieving," the two songs that make up the first POLICE single and really the only Sting-related output you need to own. I understand if you were a product of the '80s and have a soft spot for some of the cuts on records up to and including "Synchronicity"...but can you objectively say that you actually like them?


  1. Track 2 is Landlord and track 12 is Dead End Job. It's interesting to note that both Fallout and Nothing Achieving were written by Stewart Copeland who had a better connection to Punk than Sting ever did.

  2. Agreed re Fallout and Nothing Achieving. Further evidence that Copeland was the band and Sting was in the right place at the right time.