Friday, December 18, 2020


artist: LA PESTE (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
venue: The Rat (aka The Rathskellar)
location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
date: 03 August 1980
length: 28 minutes

As broadcast 04 August 1980 on WERS Boston, with DJ and station identification breaks. 

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  1. This is the second lineup of the band with Ian Kalinosky replacing Peter Dayton on guitar and vocals. The setlist is:
    01. Lease On Life
    02. Too Many Lives
    03. Army Of Apathy
    04. My Place
    05. New Heart
    06. Don't Wanna Die In My Sleep Tonight
    08. Sixteen Cities
    09. Seven
    10. Moscow Radio
    12. Takaido Road

    Track 6 is a song from the first lineup. This line up recorded 19 songs in a studio and two of those, Lease On Life and Army Of Apathy, were released on the A Wicked Good Time comp. LP in 1981. In 2004 all 19 tracks were released on limited CD. This live recording was the first thing by LaPeste I ever heard. I got it in trade from a guy in Boston. The Sex Pistols @ Nashville Rooms, London 1976 on the a-side is what I traded for and he added this LaPeste show on the b-side. I thought they were great and my fave song is Lease On Life.