Wednesday, January 11, 2012


artist: 7 SECONDS (Reno, Nevada, USA)
venue: ??
location: ??
date: ??
length: 21 minutes



  1. In case anyone's curious, here's the tracklist:

    1. Put These Words To Music
    2. Out Of Touch
    3. Somebody Help Me Scream
    4. Regress No Way
    5. Colorblind
    6. When One Falls
    7. Calendar
    8. This Is The Angry (Part 2)
    9. If I Abide

    Interesting set list. One song from The Crew, three from Walk Together Rock Together, three from New Wind, and two from Ourselves. Kev says something about the New Wind album being "finally out" after "When One Falls." They were clearly already writing for Ourselves, though I'm guessing this is from sometime in 1986 and that album was still two years away at that point. I'd say "Too bad it isn't the whole show," but really, the recording quality's not good enough for me to want to listen to it over and over again or anything.