Sunday, July 20, 2014


artist: CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
venue: Mission Records
location: San Francisco, California, USA
date: 01 July 2001
length: 37 minutes


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  1. I realize you posted this a year and a half ago and probably no one will ever see this comment but I had to figure it out for myself when I discovered this recording hidden on an external drive, so here's the track listing:

    1. intro [noise]
    2. intro1 [noise]
    3. intro2 [noise]
    4. Game Boy
    5. Gutter Tech/The Allegory Of the Algorithm
    6. Micro-consuming Machine
    7. [noise]
    8. Predator-Prey
    9. Child Autonomous
    10. The Perfection Of Suicide Is In Its Ambiguity

    Video of their performance of "Game Boy" from this very show can be found here: